Peru Sol Naciente 1kg (41.8 EUR)




Farm: Sol Naciente
Farmer: Crecencio Perez Cervera
Region: La Libertad-La Coipa-San Ignacio
Harvest: July - September 2017
Variety: Caturra, Pache, Typica
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1950 masl.
Importer: Falcon Specialty Coffees
Cupping score: 85,75

Similar to Brazil even Peru was kind of a nice surprise to us this year. Most of the samples of last harvest had a beautiful complex citric acidity and none of boring earthy notes of nuts and chocolate. Therefore we picked 2 lots for this year and this is the first one. Sol Naciente farm is one of the higher altitude based farms in La Libertad area. Her owner Crecensio Perez Cervera was one of the first farmers who went through the training led by Falcons for improving quality of picking, processing and drying. This year the improvement starts to reveal and his coffee is cupping 85+.

Do you want your coffee ground? & Free coffee shot when you go for a personal collection.
Roasted whole coffee beans

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