Noble liqueure wine & specialty coffee in a gift box (15.1 EUR)



Wine and coffee are very close in terms of growing, processing and also a taste. Liqueure wine always had a place in cafés in the past but it is not so common nowadays. We would like to change this. Only a few people  in Czech republic focus on processing this type of wine and Jan Stávek is one of the best for sure.

Red Lokus

Red Lokus is a liqueure wine made by fortification of a fermenting grape stum by a grape spirit. The impression of the wine is a combination of higher level of natural grape sugar and cabernet bouquet which is combined in the aftertaste with chocolaty roasted aroma of an oak barrel.

Ethiopia Rocko Mountain

We combined this exceptional liqueure wine with our seasonal coffee Ethiopia Rocko Mountain - natural processed Heirloom varieteis. Thanks to the processing method the coffee has a rich sweetness and full body. In taste you can find blueberries, marzipan and honey. It is a great combination with Red Lokus.

The box contain 50g of coffee in a tube and a bottle of fortificated wine 500ml. Completion is hand made. If you are interested in more pieces please contact directly

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