Kenya Gatina 250g (11.2 EUR)




Farm: Mugaga Co-op.
Processing station: Gatina
Importer: Falcon Specialty Coffees
Region: Nyeri, central province
Harvest: October - December 2016
Variety: SL 28 & SL 34
Process: Washed & Soaked
Altitude: 1800 masl.

After limited Kathakwa here goes a little bit milder Gatina however no less interesting! Have you found the sensorics interesting? We do too! Combination of the taste could be also described as a milkshake with tropical fruits with slight grapefruit aftertaste. Concidering the fact this lot is from the first wave of harvests for this year it is still perfectly fit!

Still valid that all coffees from Kenya include high amounts of phosphoric acid which is a compound deeply rooted in our DNA. Second there is a process called “soaking”. After the coffee is washed, fermentation is done a the rests of mucilage are washed away beans go under the fresh water again for another 24 hours. That allow aminoacids and proteins to develop more and thanks to it the coffee reach high acidity and full fruity taste.

Do you want your coffee ground? & Free coffee shot when you go for a personal collection.
Roasted whole coffee beans

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