Coffee Blossoms Pacamara (8 EUR)




Farm: El Jardin de Pacamara
Farmer: Cesar Magaña
Area/Region: Juayua, El Salvador
Variety: Pacamara
Altitude: 1330masl.
Second year we bring you this gem thanks to ongoing cooperation directly with a farmer Cesar Magaña. He considers this year as a first real production season when he applied a lot from trials last year especialy in the processing the blossoms. That is why we revealed the true taste of Pacamara variety which is 100% better than last year!
Coffee blossoms are very interesting especialy because of fact that the whole flowering starts rapidly and blossoms fall down from a tree after only 24 hours. Therefore the timing of a harvest and treatment afterwards is essential. Directly after being handpicked the blossoms are dried on the african beds following 10 days. It is important to avoid direct sunshine and turn the blossoms every hour to avoid creating a fungus or any other undesirable affect of too much humidity.
Blossoms as well as different types of coffee taste specificly based on the variety and origin. The taste is very light a characteristic. Definatelly do not expect any familiar features you are accustomed with roasted coffee! Taste and aroma of blossoms are much more closer to the tea especialy green and white.
For preparing 300ml of beverage use only 2g of blossoms with extraction 3 minutes maximum. It is possible to prepare also a second flush. In that case extract first flush only 2 minutes or less and the second 3 or longer. Definatelly do not be afraid of experimenting and adjust the brewing to your taste!
The product includes only one tin with 10g of blossoms.

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