Ethiopia Mustefa Abakeno "Empathetic Emmanet" 1kg (40.9 EUR)




Farmer: Mustefa Abakeno
Region: Agaro, JImma, západní Ethiopie
Variety: 74110 & 74112, Heirloom (Organic)
Process: Washed
Altitude: 200-2120 masl
Importer: Falcon Specialty Coffees
Cupping score: 87,25

“Finally Ethiopia!” Maybe you had this line on your mind when you saw a bag of it on a shelf, on the eshop, on a photo, .. This year the situation on the coffee market is very specific. Thanks to a spring wave of pandemics the stock of coffee was blocked in exporting warehouses and that was the reason why instead of May / June we had coffee in our hands during September. Well that was just shortly about the circumstances around. 

Anyway the choice was easy! Mustefa has found a place in our line up for more than a second time plus this year he decided to connect his name and lots with the Girls Gotta Run organization. More specific details about the organization you can find on their website because I don't want to spend too much time describing it. But in short it is about supporting young Ethiopian girls in their studies and sport, running to be exact, and through this way offer them more opportunities for their future life which very often is about taking care of their husband, giving birth and following care of the family and house. 

And every specific coffee lot carries a name of one of the girls in the programme and part of the income is going to cover a scholarship for one year. This lot no. 8 supports 8 years old Emmanet whome best describes the word “empathetic”. In school she likes the best science and she dreams of studying chemistry. And she wants to carry on running of course! We are happy that we could support her with our small piece and wish Emmanet that her life runs the way she wants!

Roasted whole coffee beans

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