Colombia Barcelona 1kg (56 EUR)




Farm: Barcelona
Farmer: Pierre Dumaine
Region: Risaralda
Harvest: 8.8.2017
Variety: Caturra
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1680 - 1757 masl.
Importer: Café Colombiano (czech exporter)
Cupping score: 84,5

Colombian line up of microlots continues and this is the final pitch. For a several reasons. First this coffee is processed naturaly which is still rare in Colombia (unfortunately). Second this is the first coffee from our partners Café Colombiano which is a czech coffee import/export company led by Lucie Torres and her husband who had been born in Colombia. They focus on smaller producing areas and farmers they know in person.

Finca Barcelona also has an interesting history. In 2010 belgian naval officer Pierre Dumaine, current farm owner, visited his good old friend Mario Alexander Grajales, former farm owner. Pierre was so stunned by the farm, live style and its surroundings that he decided to buy the farm. He named it “Barcelona” because Mario still is a big fan of this football club. In several years Pierre raised the farm on high standard and he builds on three basic principals - quality, ecology and social impact. Nowadays he is leading an association of neighbouring farms and also runs a barista school which enables farmer’s children to find a new use on labor.
Do you want your coffee ground? & Free coffee shot when you go for a personal collection.
Roasted whole coffee beans

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