Cesar Magaña Discovery set (23.6 EUR)



Presenting to you Discovery Set! 100pcs Limited edition!

First is dedicated to Cesar Magaña, farmer from Juayua region in El Salvador.
We've been in touch with Cesar for several seasons now, and this year we've been working on something great! A set of coffee blossoms, Cascara and coffee, of course. All of them is Red Bourbon variety. The coffee is natural processed and it is a real fruit bomb! Thanks to this process, Cascara also gained fruity and sweet flavours. On the contrary, flowers will surprise you with softness and tea-like notes.

Set contains:
10g - Coffee blossoms
70g - Cascara
100g - Roasted Coffee

Origin: El Salvador
Area: Juayua
Farm: Lechuza
Farmer: Cesar Magaña
Altitude: 1245m
Variety: Red Bourbon
Importer: Santa Cristina Specialty

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