Brazil Angelica Franca 250g (11.2 EUR)




Farm: Sitio Serra Velha
Farmer: Angelica Franca
Region: Illicinea, Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais
Harvest: May - July 2017
Variety: Yallow Catuai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1205 masl.
Importer: Falcon Specialty Coffees
Cupping score: 83,5

This year harvest from Brazil was kind of a big shock to us. As you might already know we are not a big fans of coffee from this country but all the samples were just great! Big thanks of course go to the team of Falcons as we were choosing from their selection of microlots. Clean, balanced and super sweet coffees. After all we couldn’t pick just one and soon we gonna release even second Brazil. However we will get back to it later..

For Brazil average Sitio Serra Velha is a small farm - 7 hectares. It is being run by the owener Angelica who has inherited the farm as a cattle farm focusing on production of cheeses. She still has some cattle however her passion is a specialty coffee. What cought my attention about this coffee is the attitude for drying on patio (concrete field) similar to the one we saw in Costa Rica with Michal on the farm Las Lajas. It is the steady pilling of drying cherries (in 3 days interval) for lower variance of moisture. Coffee is being dried in thicker layers and the whole process takes 17 days.
Do you want your coffee ground? & Free coffee shot when you go for a personal collection.
Roasted whole coffee beans

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